Tuition is a tax deductible donation that ranges between $30-$80/month. Be generous to yourself and those in need. Please donate what you can to one of the charities listed below by following the two steps below.

Paying your tuition is a two step process

Step one: report your donation. Use the form below to tell me you are current. Providing the amount enables us to total the contributions for the year. $2740 YTD has been donated!

Step two: make your donation either online below or by bringing a check/cash to class
Tuition is due by the first week of the month.

If you have a class hosted at the FCCOG, please contribute the full amount to the church.

When you select a button below, you will be taken to the charity’s donation page in a new browser window.

This webpage does not process your payment in any way.

Please mark your donation: In Honor of “Experience Tai Chi”

Thank you!

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