Tai Chi ~ release your way to improved health and mindfulness

The Benefits of Tai Chi

Helps with muscle strength, flexibility, balance and aerobic conditioning – Harvard Medical School

Addresses mood, aerobic capacity, energy, stamina, flexibility, strength – Mayo Clinic

Improves fibromyalgia, thinking power, depression management, fall risk – Cleveland Clinic

A relaxed upright posture, catlike weighting and unweighting of steps and internally focused breathing are some of the hallmarks of the Tai Chi approach.

The Approach

Learning Tai Chi at experience tai chi normally begins with the Level 1 class and progresses as skill and benefits accrue through Level 3.

Discover what makes Tai Chi unique and effective by dropping into the Level 1: Deep Release Forms class. It features the “Basic Moves” (see video) of the nationally recognized Tai Chi Fundamentals® program and centuries old movement patterns such as the “Five Animals”. Move on to the Level 2: Tai Chi Fundamentals® Form (see video) class to develop further the internal dynamics that lead to the transformative nature of this classical Chinese practice. Finally progress to study Level 3: The Professor’s Form (see video), a lifetime’s endeavor. Read more about the classes.

The Teacher

Will Morrison is a senior student of Ed Young with whom he has studied since the early ’80s. Mr. Young was a senior student and translator for Professor Cheng Man-Ching. The Professor, as he is known, introduced the 37 posture Yang Style Tai Chi Form to the United States in the 1960s and 70s. It has become the most prevalent style worldwide. Will is now one of Young’s teachers and a certified Tai Chi Fundamentals® instructor.

Will has taught at the Sarner Health and Fitness Institute, the Greenwich YMCA, The Greenwich Senior Center, through the Greenwich Continuing Education program, to members of Ed Young’s Study Group, and privately.

Contact Will to ask your questions or get you started.

What students are saying…

“Your focus on the basics of posture, balance, and weight distribution, are helpful throughout the day. Thanks.” – D and P

“Will is encouraging, clear, precise, patient and passionate about tai chi.” – A.S.

“I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my balance and I also walk more erectly.” – G.B.

More about Will

After 25 years, Will Morrison retired from IBM where he joined Research and later was a senior leader in the IT enablement of collaboration for the company. Previously, he was the Head of the Muppet Workshop for Jim Henson and an Off-Broadway lighting designer. Will and his wife Leslee Asch Morrison are longtime residents of Old Greenwich, where they raised two sons. He is an avid sailor and a member of the Riverside and Old Greenwich Yacht Clubs.

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