Please register before coming to class. e-mail Will to register or to learn more

Learners of all ages, abilities and disabilities are welcome.

Level 1: Release and energize: QiGong and Tai Chi mini-forms

This class can be enjoyed on a drop-in basis and is also appropriate for the serious tai chi practitioner. Participants learn QiGong, the “Basic Moves” of the nationally recognized Tai Chi Fundamentals®” program and other movement patterns such as the “Five Animals” and “Silk Reeling” created by masters hundreds of years ago. The movements are easy to learn, introduce flow and mindfulness and form the basis of the seemingly simple, yet complex tai chi choreography practiced in public places around the world. The patterns improve balance, mental sharpness, flexibility and health. Harvard Medical School ranks Tai Chi as a “top five” exercise for any age group.

Class times: Mondays 9:30am in the First Congregational Church auditorium, starting January 3. Ask about Zoom access.  Walker and seated participants are welcome.

Level 2: The Fundamentals Form

The Tai Chi Fundamentals® Form is a set of movement patterns designed to introduce persons of all abilities and ages, including those dealing with painful and limiting health conditions, to the choreography and therapeutic dynamics of tai chi. The benefits are accelerated balance, mindfulness and resiliency development. Learning the choreography and absorbing the associated tai chi qualities requires a commitment. It takes several months, less if the practitioner practices at home or takes the Health and Workout Class. This is not a drop-in class.

Class times: Thursdays 8:00am, FCCOG auditorium. Walker and seated versions are available.

Level 3: The Professor’s Form

Cheng Man-Ching’s 37 posture form is the most popular tai chi choreography in the world.  The Professor brought the form from his school in Taiwan to NYC’s Chinatown in the 1960s and early 70s. As a medical doctor, poet, painter and calligrapher, his form emphasizes health benefits and mindfulness over self-defense. While learning the choreography can take a year, the benefits accrue and deepen with committed practice over a lifetime.

Class times: Thursdays 4:00 in the FCCOG auditorium, starting January 6. Saturdays 9:30am at a private residence.

Private Classes

If the class times are not convenient for you, you would like a private setting, or you want to bring special attention to a health issue or disability, please contact Will to explore options.

Greenwich Continuing Education

Thursdays 7:00pm, starting October 6, Greenwich High School Dance Studio, 10 one hour sessions. Space is limited. See the description and register

Schedule overview:

In person students must be triple vaxed and masked. Thank you.

ClassDay / TimeLocation
Level 1: Release and EnergizeMonday 9:30am, starting 1/3First Congregational Church of Greenwich, located in Old Greenwich. Zoom accessible by arrangement, Please contact Will before joining, as schedules change.
Level 2: The Fundamentals® FormThursdays 8:00amFCCOG, class is currently on hold
Level 3: The Professor’s FormThursdays 4:00pm, starting 1/6FCCOG
A mix of the Level 1 & 2 classes; Greenwich Continuing EdTuesdays 5:30-6:30pm, starting 3/7FCCOG
Level 1: Deep Release FormsFriday 11:00amHastings-on-Hudson, NY
Level 3: The Professor’s FormSaturday 9:00amFCCOG
Private lessons and workoutsTo be arrangedTo be arranged
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